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You cannot live a moment without internet because of the usefulness of internet. There are many ways to use the internet but my most favorite way is to use Wi-Fi internet connection. Because by the Wi-Fi internet network, it is very easy to use the same internet with many people. So, my friends like to use Wi-Fi and play the online game together. Wi-Fi internet is available in many places for free use. For setup the Wi-Fi connection in your area, you have to use a device called router. Many popular organizations manufacture the router for creating Wi-Fi network, you can buy a device what you find most suitable for you.
You have to configure the router if you make the device running for the Wi-Fi. If you think that you cannot do successfully, then you must read the router manually. However, you should read the router manual first or before starting the work configuration the device. The configuration will be successful when you connect the router with computer and electricity to the router and computer. At the final step, you have to setup all settings. In this case, you also know all of the information for setup and you have to use the administrative tool.
Now you need to use a browser for login to the router. Most of the router do not come with any application. So, the administrator should use the browser application and this application let them use the administrative tool. For login to the router, the administrator must need somethings like default IP address, username, and password. The default IP address is a very important thing and you should know more about the IP address. With the IP address, you have to do many things what are important for you. Later, we will discuss how to log in the router and setup the device.
The private IP address is used in the router and networking device and this default IP address can be changed according to the IP address formation rules but you cannot make it false IP address which does not work. However, this IP address is used first in the browser address field for sending a request to the router to bring the form of user’s login but if anything false is used in the IP address, then the IP address will be false and this false IP address does not send any request. Because the false IP address is not installed in the router.
If you use a correct IP address, then you will get a login form. Many users type an IP address as which is a false IP address. This IP address is false because of the 5 parts. Many new users of the router must not understand the problem. Experts of the router cannot distinguish the correct and incorrect IP address at once when they see the false IP address. May be the correct IP address is or or and it becomes false as
In a correct IP address, you will get 4 parts and 3 dots are used but check the false IP address, in the false IP address, you will get 4 dots and made it 5 parts. You cannot make more or less part or use more or fewer dots in the IP address. You have to take care of numbers of those things. Otherwise, you will get an error for using the false IP address. You have to use that IP address on the browser address bar for login to the router and other purposes and make sure that IP address is setup in the router if you want to use it anyway.
You should read the router guide if you want to know the exact default IP address, username, and password. To know the current IP address, you should use “ipconfig” command on the CMD page to know the default gateway or the IP address. Now you know the correct IP address what is set in the router. This correct IP address what you need to use for log into the router and the IP address, you can use for various purposes. Now you do not try to use the false IP address and you cannot log in to the router. Now let’s try to login the router with the correct IP address.
On the browser address bar, type the correct IP address what you have found and press on the Enter button from keyboard. Now you should see the login form where you can use the default username and password. If you see the form, then type the username and password again press enter button. You will be logged in and use the administrative tool. But if you get the error message, then you should check the IP address what you have typed. If the IP address is correct, then the problem may have countered from the network or firewall. Now you have to unblock the IP address from the firewall/network for using the IP address.
You have to setup setting in different steps and you have to save setting when the setting is done. For the home router, manufactures give wizard tool what you need to use for quick setup settings. Otherwise, you have to setup setting manually. However, if you do all of the tasks properly, then you should read the router manually. Because you will get clear instruction in the router guide what you need to know. Manual setting is very difficult and you must read the router guide if you want to do all task successfully.
I told you before that the IP address has more uses and another important use of the IP address is checking the connectivity of the router and computer. With ping command, you have to add the IP address and if you do this with the false IP address, then you must not get the correct result what you need to know. The command will be “ping” or “ping -t”. As this IP address is not used in the router, the users of the router will not get the correct result.
You should not change the default IP address and it is recommended by the experts. If you need to change the IP address, then you should follow the IP address formation rules. You have to replace an IP address instead of the IP address. Usually, the IP address confliction is the only case when you need to change the IP address. You cannot replace the IP address which is false IP address. The false IP address is not used in the router and you cannot use it.